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Safety First!

your SAFETY is our Top priority

At Hornpark Treetops Adventure you can be confident we will provide a memorable forest adventure in a safe environment.

We have installed safety lines in all the Adventures and had our tour guides educated on Standard First Aid, Industrial Rope Access Work and Basic Rope Access Rescue.  They all hold the Certificate from ERCA (European Ropes Course Association).

Tree Adventures staff monitors the courses daily and perform thorough checks on a monthly basis. A specialist independent company also performs an annual course audit to ensure safety.

We combine three main safety measures to minimise the potential risks involved in undertaking our aerial confidence courses.



All participants wear a fitted Petzl harness (complete with lanyards, karabiners, pulley) and a helmet.
This keeps you attached to the safety system at all times, so if you slip your harness will catch you preventing a fall.

Safety training

Every participant must complete a Safety Training session before starting on the courses. This involves a demonstration introducing participants to the equipment and safety system. Once you have practised, and the instructor is confident that you are safe to go, you can continue around the courses on your own.


One of the great things about Hornpark Treetops Adventure is that you can make your way around the courses independently and be confident knowing that instructors patrolling from the ground are there to offer quick assistance if you happen to get stuck or wish to come down.

Our supervising instructors are kitted out with specialist equipment and fully trained to perform rescues.

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